January 26, 2022
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Local government is governed by a charter which may be revised every ten years:  

Have you ever read the Jacksonville City Charter?

According to Times-Union reporting, Mayor Curry and his supporters wish to change the Charter, which stipulates an appointed superintendent of schools and a board elected by voters, to grant the Mayor the power to appoint the school board and require the Superintendent be elected by voters: 

Do you favor a mayoral appointed school board?
Do you favor an elected Superintendent of schools

The Charter creates the Office of General Counsel, a position appointed by the Mayor and whose decisions are final and cannot be appealed. Recently, the Office of General Counsel advised city council members that they cannot discuss the potential sale of JEA until official bids are received:

Do you agree that the General Counsel’s decisions should be final?
Do you agree that city council members should be prohibited from discussing a potential sale of JEA?
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Editorial Staff
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  • This is a bad idea on so many fronts. The School Board needs to be able to search nationally for the best candidate. Local politicians with name recognition and money behind them would not necessarily have the knowledge to lead a large, diverse public school system. This seems like another attempt to put someone in place who supports charter schools over traditional public schools.

  • There is already too much authority invested in the Mayor’s office….we should not add to that authority which, as we are seeing, can be easily abused.

  • Preposterous plan. The Mayor already has too much personal control over our city. One person should not lead on filling critical posts.

  • All of these proposals are outrageous. I have seen no argument favoring an appointed school board or an elected superintendent. What we have now works however imperfectly, and I see no reason for change. Do you?

Written by Editorial Staff

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