October 1, 2020

In The Public Interest

Historic Decisions

June 15th launched a new  and hope-filled week in Jacksonville as two astonishing actions — one federal and one local — took effect that significantly expand civil rights to LGBTQ people in our country and in our community. In an historic...

HRO Update

City council members heard public comment on Tuesday evening on a bill that expands protections under Jacksonville’s human rights ordinance to LGBTQ persons.  Florida’s First District Court of Appeal recently struck down Jacksonville’s Human...

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Here’s what

. . . we are learning — “Friendship, like the immortality of the soul, is too good to be believed.” Ralph Waldo Emerson In his essay Friendship, Ralph Waldo Emerson argues that “we have a great deal more kindness than is ever spoken.” Despite...

HRO Update: Your Voice Needed

JaxLookout recently reported on Jacksonville’s Human Rights Ordinance (HRO Redux) and the protections for LGBT+ people that were overturned by the State of Florida’s First District Court of Appeal earlier this month. The Court of Appeal decision was...

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