Meet the Candidates in March Election Races

Jacksonville – To help citizens prepare to vote in the upcoming citywide elections on March 19, 2019, Jaxlookout reached out to all candidates in the races for Mayor, Sheriff, and the five At-Large City Council races. We posed a set of five open-ended questions that would help to illuminate their unique perspectives on our city and their leadership, hopes, and humanity.

Questionnaires were emailed to each candidate, allowing 10 days to respond. We also made follow-up calls. For each candidate who did not respond, the circumstances are noted.

All responses are as provided by the candidate. Nothing has been added or deleted, although minor typographical errors have been corrected.

We’ve included a straw poll on each race, following the questions and answers. Let us know what you think.  Mayor’s Office  Sheriff’s Office City Council At Large Group 1 City Council At Large Group 2 City Council At Large Group 3 City Council At Large Group 4 City Council At Large Group 5


We encourage you to attend meetings in your voting district and research those running for other offices. You should also feel free to reach out to candidates on their websites, social pages, and at provided phone numbers. More information under this tab.

Amy Cherie Copeland

Amy Cherie Copeland

Amy Cherie Copeland is a Jacksonville writer and editor who also works as an academic writing tutor at FSCJ. She recently presented her poetry in the Yellow House Surviving to Thriving exhibit, performed an original piece in the 2018 Coming Out Monologues, and published lead letters in the Times-Union on behalf of Women's March Florida - Jacksonville Chapter. Her feature on cancer survivor Mary Miller appears in Donna Hicken's (Deegan) The Good Fight (2004).

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