Meet the Candidates: At Large Group 2

Editor’s Note: All responses are as provided by the candidate. Nothing has been added or deleted, although minor typographical errors have been corrected. We’ve included a straw poll at the end of this page if you wish to preview your vote against those of other readers.

At-Large City Council Race, Group 2

Q1: What do you think is Jacksonville’s greatest success?

Ron Salem (REP): Our consolidated form of city government.

Q2: How would you describe Jacksonville’s greatest failure?

Ron Salem (REP): Our inability to reduce further violent crime in our community.

Q3: Describe how you will be a different leader than what we currently have.

Ron Salem (REP): I have been involved in various community organizations for the last 30 years. I have reached the point in my life where I can devote the time and energy to this position. I am not looking for a political career; just an opportunity to serve.

Q4: What’s your greatest hope for Jacksonville’s people?

Ron Salem (REP): I believe that all citizens want to live in a safe environment and to have a job that allows them to support a family.

Q5: What’s your favorite book? Movie? Or TV show? Please explain.

Ron Salem (REP): My favorite movie is Rocky 1 because it was so inspirational.

Group 2 candidate Darren Mason (DEM) did not respond to emails nor to a voice message from Jaxlookout.

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Amy Cherie Copeland

Amy Cherie Copeland

Amy Cherie Copeland is a Jacksonville writer and editor who also works as an academic writing tutor at FSCJ. She recently presented her poetry in the Yellow House Surviving to Thriving exhibit, performed an original piece in the 2018 Coming Out Monologues, and published lead letters in the Times-Union on behalf of Women's March Florida - Jacksonville Chapter. Her feature on cancer survivor Mary Miller appears in Donna Hicken's (Deegan) The Good Fight (2004).

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