January 25, 2022
In The Public Interest
Written by
Robert Arleigh White

Robert Arleigh White has many years of experience managing nonprofit arts organizations in North Florida where he has also been active in promoting a host of arts related initiatives. In recognition of over 20 years of successful legislative and community advocacy, the City of Jacksonville proclaimed August 12 as “Robert Arleigh White Day,” and Jacksonville’s City Council similarly authorized a resolution in his honor. Previously, Mr. White served as the executive and artistic director for Theatre Jacksonville where he led the organization from near fiscal insolvency to become one of the State of Florida’s most successful artistic venues. While there, he also was directly responsible for the artistic direction of fifty plays and worked to produce dozens more. Currently, Bob is the principal for Robert Arleigh White + Associates where he consults with nonprofits on development, infrastructure and organizational storytelling.

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  • I can’t imagine anyone being surprised by the findings in the report. Curry’s arrogance is, once again, on full display. Why do these guys believe that they can do anything they want and get away with it?? I only hope Karma comes full circle and dismantles Curry just as he tried to dismantle JEA.
    And any council members who support his pie-in-the-sky magical thinking on Lot J needs to have their heads examined! Just more of the same.

Written by Robert Arleigh White

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