January 26, 2022
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Jacksonville lags behind in fight against crime.

Jacksonville FL, December 2, 2018  – Mayor Lenny Curry’s anti-crime report card is in, and the results don’t look good. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement tracks those statistics, and the comparisons of first half of  of 2017 vs. 2018 show Duval 7.1% below the statewide average and as much as 16% below the achievments of other major metro areas in the state. On December 1, Andrew Pantazi, writing in the Florida Times Union, said “But after three years of increased police budgets and new crime initiatives under Curry’s leadership, the murder and violent crime rates in Duval County are worse.

A preview image of the full Times Union article, appears below this chart, with a link to the article.

Jacksonville crime down less than 1% vs. Statewide average decrease of 8%.

Whatever your politics or point of view, it’s clear that the Curry administration isn’t doing a great job of reducing crime in our area.

Here’s the TU/Jacksonville.com article link:

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  • About 10 years ago, the Sheriff’s Dept began community policing in New Town as part of the partnership with the New Town Success Zone. I don’t know the most recent figures, but over the first half dozen years, violent crime was down substantially and if memory serves, there was only one homicide over those years. Might the New Town effort set a precedent for policing in other parts of our city?

Written by Editorial Staff

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