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Click on the Member Name below to go to individual Council Member pages. To determine who your Council Member is, please go to the “Council District Search” application or to the My Neighborhood application on the JaxGIS maps site for additional neighborhood details. You may also contact the City Council office at (904) 255-5200. Click Precinct Finder to search for your precinct on the Supervisor of Elections website.

The city council has nineteen members, fourteen of whom are elected from single-member districts where each member must reside in the district that s/he represents.

The other five members are elected under a unique hybrid district/at-large system.

District 4  Representative Scott Wilson is the current council president.

You can send an email directly from this page. Clicking on the councilperson’s name will take you to their city webpage, with a biography, full contact information, council assignments, and photos.

Note: Under Florida law, email addresses are public records.  If you do not want your email address published, do not send electronic mail to the mayor or staff. Instead, contact them by phone or in writing.

District Council Member

Joyce Morgan (D)
Phone: (904) 255-5201
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Chet Aikens
Al Ferraro (R)
Phone: (904) 255-5202
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Connie Holt
Aaron L. Bowman (R)
Phone: (904) 255-5203
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Carol Brock
Scott Wilson (R)
Phone: (904) 255-5204
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Jackie Lee
LeAnna Cumber (R)
Phone: (904) 255-5205
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Debbi Pataky
Michael Boylan (R)
Phone: (904) 255-5206
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Sonia Johnson
Reggie Gaffney (D)
Phone: (904) 255-5207
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Joe Zimmerman
Ju’Coby Pittman (D)
Phone: (904) 630-1385
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Mercedes Parker
Garrett L. Dennis (D)
Phone: (904) 255-5209
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Taryn Roberts
Brenda Priestly Jackson (D)
Phone: (904) 255-5210
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Kendra Mervin
Danny Becton (R)
Phone: (904) 255-5211
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Tiziana Onstead
Randy White (R)
Phone: (904) 255-5212
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Rebekah Hagan
Rory Diamond (R)
Phone: (904) 255-5213
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Makenzi Conner
Randy DeFoor (R)
Phone: (904) 255-5214
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Kevin Kuzel

At-Large Council Members

Terrance Freeman (R)
Phone: (904) 255-5215
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Gerrie Ford-Hardin
Ronald B. Salem (R)
Phone: (904) 255-5216
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Nikki Evans
Tommy Hazouri (D)
Phone: (904) 255-5217
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Tristan Denmark
Matt Carlucci (R)
Phone: (904) 255-5218
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Alyson Lee
Samuel Newby (R)
Phone: (904) 255-5219
Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Tracy McGeathey
In The Public Interest


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