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The City Council is the legislative body of the City of Jacksonville’s consolidated government and is responsible for making the laws that govern our City and County.  The 19 Council Members are elected to four-year terms and serve as part-time legislators. They have almost unlimited power to enact legislation in order to provide for the needs of our community.

For fair representation throughout the community, the city is divided into 14 districts of nearly equal population and each of these districts elects a single council member.The other five council members represent the entire community ‘“at large“. In May of each year the Council elects a President and Vice President to serve one-year terms beginning the first of July. The President then assigns members to Standing and Special Committees. (Current officers, districts, meeting schedules, agendas, and committee assignments are here. Just keep scrolling down that page.)

Legislation flows through Standing Committees made up of council members before going to the full Council for a vote. All bills are assigned to one or more of the five Standing Committees for recommendations to be made to the full Council. These committees meet during the first and third weeks of each month in the Council Chamber in City Hall. For additional information, click Legislative Process.

The full Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 5 p.m. in the Council Chamber.  Citizens are encouraged to play an active role in their city government. You may obtain a Council Agenda from the Legislative Services Division in City Hall (Suite 430) on the Friday before a meeting.

You may speak before the full City Council on any bill up for public hearing or during the public comment section at each Council meeting.  If you have questions or concerns regarding legislative issues, call your district council member or the Council office at (904) 255-5200, for general matters please contact (904) 630-CITY.  Staff there will be glad to assist you.

Further information can be found at these links:

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