January 25, 2022
In The Public Interest

Focus On Flooding

Editor’s Note:

Hurricanes Matthew (2016) and Irma (2017) should have served as a wakeup call for Jacksonville’s political and business leaders.  As we watch Florence (2018) flood our neighbors in the Carolina’s, local leaders seem determined to forge ahead with new waterfront real estate development with no input from local citizens.

We have aggregated a variety of pieces from multiple sources on local flooding.  We encourage you to review the maps at FloodIQ (https://b.floodiq.com/) for an interactive look at your neighborhood. and at the Union of Concerned Scientists webpage where you can see sea level rise projections for Northeast Florida. They have produced a pdf document that shows the impact on our area,(Congressional District 4).

JaxLookout will devote space to Jacksonville’s significant flooding challenges. We will make available pieces other outlets have published. Our intent is to drive a public conversation about city priorities.

Priorities such as: What is the city’s flood mitigation plan?  Where does flooding rank as city government considers how to spend the city’s capital improvement dollars?  How important is flooding in your neighborhood?

You will find a film by St. John’s Riverkeeper. You will find coverage by the Tampa Bay Times about Hurricane Irma’s effect on downtown Jacksonville.  Don’t miss Tim Gilmore’s account of chronic historic flooding along Myrtle Avenue.

We invite you to respond to our poll, available here. And we invite you to submit photos of flooding in your neighborhood via email.

Written by
Lynn Skapyak Harlin

Poet, writer, editor, and writing coach.For the past thirty years she has been editing and coaching hundreds of writers preparing their work for publication.

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Written by Lynn Skapyak Harlin

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