November 13, 2019
In The Public Interest

Civic Council: JEA Not In A Death Spiral, Urgency of Sale “Nonexistent”

In a November 5 letter to the president and members of City council, Jacksonville’s Civic Council claims that JEA is “not in a ‘death spiral’ and the “urgency” of a sale is “nonexistent.” The letter further states that the current “JEA-initiated ITN [Intent to Negotiate] process” “lacks transparency” and thus is “inconsistent with Florida law” and that any exploration of a potential sale of the publicly-owned utility “should be conducted by the Jacksonville City Council in an open and thorough manner.”

While the nonprofit Civic Council of roughly 80 chief executive officers takes no position on whether or not JEA should be sold, the letter notes that the effort to sell JEA “appears to have as its objective the provision of at least $3 billion in funds to the City of Jacksonville.” The letter chastises the current administration for not addressing “fundamental questions underlying that objective” including, “does the City of Jacksonville need additional public funding? and b) if so, how much money is needed, and for what purpose?”

Click here to view the full text or download the pdf.

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Written by Editorial Staff

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