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50 Years Of Jacksonville’s City/County Consolidation


by James B. Crooks, for Jaxlookout,  October 21, 2018 JACKSONVILLE IN THE 1960s On the surface, mid-1960s Jacksonville, Florida, looked prosperous. Under Haydon Burns’s sixteen years as mayor, much of downtown had been re-built with new waterfront parking lots, city hall, county courthouse, civic auditorium, American Coast Line Railroad home office, Prudential Insurance Company Southeast Regional...

Brooklyn: Myrtle Avenue Underpass / Tunnel / Subway


I’ve been writing about the extremes of Northeast Florida’s climate for years. Since I’m trying to capture/reproduce the city in intricate snapshots in my writing, I have to write about Jacksonville’s tornados, hurricanes, lightning strikes and floods.  My historic novel about Jacksonville’s founder Isaiah Hart, The Book of Isaiah, combines history with a meditation on the brutality of this...

Jacksonville: A City of Neighborhoods


Consolidation of the City of Jacksonville with Duval County in 1968 matched, mostly, the city’s limits with the county’s borders. It is arguably the First Big Thing that makes Jacksonville distinctive: it is the largest city in the contiguous United States by area. As the city gets ready to commemorate the 50th anniversary of consolidation, it’s no small matter that its practical promises and...

Warts and Unfulfilled Promises in Our Consolidated City


The celebrations leading up to the 50th anniversary in October of Jacksonville’s consolidated form of government will extol its successes. The warts and unfulfilled promises are just as important to remember. Two sons of members of the first City Council after the county and city governments were consolidated, Matthew Carlucci and Earl M.  Johnson Jr., are serving as co-chairs of a task force...

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