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City Council President Punts on Forming Special Committee on Drainage and Flooding


November 1, 2018 –On October 23, 2018, city council president Aaron Bowman held a noticed public meeting to discuss the need for a task force to study Jacksonville’s flooding issues.  Rather than act, Bowman, according to minutes of the 20-minute meeting, opted to hold a second noticed meeting to further discuss “how best to address this issue.” Formation of a task force or special committee has...

From The Riverkeeper


Editor’s Note:  The St. Johns Riverkeeper mission is to be an independent voice that defends, advocates, and activates others to protect and restore the St. Johns River. They develop and provide high quality educational resources and programs to schools and the public. We would like to express our thanks for being allowed to share this video with our readers, and we urge you to support the...

Focus On Flooding


Editor’s Note: Hurricanes Matthew (2016) and Irma (2017) should have served as a wakeup call for Jacksonville’s political and business leaders.  As we watch Florence (2018) flood our neighbors in the Carolina’s, local leaders seem determined to forge ahead with new waterfront real estate development with no input from local citizens. We have aggregated a variety of pieces from multiple...

Brooklyn: Myrtle Avenue Underpass / Tunnel / Subway


I’ve been writing about the extremes of Northeast Florida’s climate for years. Since I’m trying to capture/reproduce the city in intricate snapshots in my writing, I have to write about Jacksonville’s tornados, hurricanes, lightning strikes and floods.  My historic novel about Jacksonville’s founder Isaiah Hart, The Book of Isaiah, combines history with a meditation on the brutality of this...

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