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With High Murder Rate, Jacksonville to Vote for Change or Status Quo in Mayoral Election


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — In 2018 Jacksonville was the per capita murder capital of Florida. But that barely made news, since Jacksonville has been the murder capital among large cities in Florida since 2001. With the mayor’s election on Tuesday, the city has a choice: Keep doing what it’s doing, or try a different tactic. In 2015, Republican Lenny Curry won a narrow victory to defeat incumbent...

Making Sense Of The Florida Constitutional Amendments We’ll Be Voting On.

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Jacksonville FL, October 19, 2018. There are twelve proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution on the General Election ballot. There were originally 13, but #8 was removed by the Florida Supreme Court. Some of these amendments bundle multiple issues into a question, which only adds to the possibility of confusion, because they are all-or-nothing amendments. Each of these amendments should be...

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