Brosche Campaign Announcement Speech-Full Text

Here is the full text of Anna Lopez Brosche’s campaign announcement speech on January 11. We have published this so you can read for yourself what was said and proposed, rather than rely on the interpretation of the local media. Links to local media stories on this are provided at the bottom of this page if you wish to compare their points of view with what was actually said.

“Good morning/afternoon. My name is Anna Lopez Brosche and I am excited to announce that after spending time in prayer and after many long discussions with my family and friends, I am answering the call to become your next mayor of Jacksonville.

This is a big decision for me and my family and it isn’t without risks. I know going in that I will be attacked and lied about. I know there will be attempts to smear my reputation and question my integrity. I didn’t decide to enter this race lightly. But I also know this. The risks my family and I are taking are nothing compared to the risks the citizens of Jacksonville will face if Lenny Curry is reelected as mayor. This race isn’t going to be about me. This race is about giving you your city back. It’s about standing up to bullies and cronyism and having a mayor that works for us, not the other way around.  

I am not going to pretend that this is going to be easy. Fighting a bully never is. You deserve better than business as usual from your government. You deserve a voice and a seat at the table. You deserve to have someone running your city who is looking out for you, not their own powerful political allies. You deserve someone who cares more about what is happening in your neighborhood than what is happening in Tallahassee. You deserve someone who cares more about people than partisan politics. You deserve better than Lenny Curry. 

We must move to an era of good government, civility, and working together for our collective betterment. The screaming and personal attacks against people who have honest policy differences must stop. Your government must adopt a customer service culture that values you as citizens and its role in providing basic city services. 

It is my goal to bring back trust in government through transparency. I believe the administration should be accountable to the people and that cannot happen as long as we maintain the current administration’s culture of bullying, intimidation, and fear. It is vital that those who make decisions for the people listen to the people. I believe deeply in the principles of diversity and inclusion and believe that when all voices are heard, not just those who write campaign checks, we tear down the walls that divide us and unite as a stronger city. We need a Jacksonville that puts its arms around ALL of its citizens.

Right now, our crime rate is 26 percent higher than the national average and more than double the state average. In 2018, the city of Jacksonville had more murders than Brooklyn, New York. That is unacceptable. I know a multifaceted approach to crime that starts at the neighborhood level.  I know it’s the wisdom of the community, empowered community groups and citizens that are the solution to driving down crime. We must prevent crimes before they happen.  When we address the basic needs of our people, violence goes down.  Public safety must be a priority. The Curry crime wave has got to stop!

We cannot solve our problems if we don’t make doing so a priority. That’s why one of my first priorities as mayor will be to audit the city’s finances, incorporating rolling zero-based budget of all departments and functions, to find the funding to invest in crime reduction efforts and our children. 

I believe local government CAN be more efficient, CAN adopt a customer service attitude, CAN prioritize finding funding for solutions to our crime problem, and CAN engage average citizens in a more meaningful way that will encourage all of our citizens to be invested in our city’s future. I believe Jacksonville can be better. And I am the person to take us there. 

My name is Anna Lopez Brosche, and I am asking for your vote on March 19th. “

Broshe’s announcement was made before a vocal and enthusiastic crowd.

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