January 26, 2022
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Wide disparity of views on Mayor Curry’s administration.

Jacksonville FL, Monday November 19 – Yesterday we noted two very different points of view regarding the perceived performance and accomplishments of the Curry administration. On the one hand is The Florida Times Union (aka Jacksonville.com), and on the other, former Times Union columnist  Ron Littlepage,* whose observations are now found at ronlittlepage.com. The disparity in these two viewpoints prompted us to bring attention to both, so you can know both views of the issue.

Links to both articles are provided following these images:

Screen excerpt rom Jacksonville.com


Screen excerpt from RonLittlepage.com

You may view full versions of the TU/Jacksonville.com editorial here, and Mr. Littlepage’s complete response here.


*Mr. Littlepage has also written for jaxlookout.com

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